No Facebook Day 2

Dr. Guido is giving up Facebook for Lent! Follow him on this journey along with Mr. Ficara as we discover the power of Social Media and faith!


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No Facebook Day 1

Dr. Guido is giving up Facebook for Lent! Follow him on this journey along with Mr. Ficara as we discover the power of Social Media and faith!

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The future, or is thissomething that we should all be doing NOW?!?!?!?

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Social Media Parenting

Technology for Your Soul!

We live in an exciting time with so many technologies available to us! The fast pace at which technology develops can be both exciting and overwhelming. As parents, it is important that we are aware of what our children are doing online and off.

As many of our students will spend a vast amount of time online learning this year, it is important to have a discussion with your child about how you want them to use the Internet. As a school we have given them guidelines on how to use technology as a learning tool while in school. We also ask that you talk with your children about your expectations of them while online, both in school and at home. Just as we give them guidelines and safety tips for the “real world” we need to give them guidelines for the World Wide Web as well. Here are few tips to get you started:

1. Ask your child to show you the sites they enjoy visiting.
2. If your child is using social networks (Facebook, ooVoo, Twitter, MySpace, etc.), make sure you know their passwords. This is not an invasion of privacy, it is the real world equivalent of knowing the phone number of the parents house they are playing at.
3. Give your child guidelines and rules for their use of the Internet at school and home. The sooner you set these rules the easier it is for them to understand how to properly use the Internet.
4. Show them sites you enjoy using, your work’s web page for example, or maybe ☺
5. Use the computer as a prayer tool. Have your child look a prayer online and lead the family in prayer. This is a good way to show the many uses of the computer and that God is everywhere!

Remember we must teach our kids to be the hands and feet of Jesus online and off! God bless!

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Phruit Fones

You ever wonder why some of the most popular smart phones are named after fruit, apple’s iPhone and the blackberry. If I were going to start a cell phone company I would have to name it after a fruit. I think I would go with Orange, and my first phone would be called juice. Then one year later I would release a new version of that phone and call it the juice……no pulp. Due to the high demand and popularity of Orange’s new smart phone, I would offer a smaller version of the device called simply the peal. This would do nothing that the more expensive juice phone does, except play music, but you can tell all your friends you own an orange product! Not to mention that you can still download music from the Juice Bar!

Now to marketing, well let’s get this out of the way, our introductory slogan, “You can’t compare us to them, that’s like comparing apples to oranges.” Not to mention our orange you glad you own an orange product. Now because the sticker thing has been done, each of our products will come with a packet of orange seeds. Your friends will now know how many great orange products you own by looking in your yard! In addition we will shamelessly attach ourselves to some plight of human frailty and a month not taken by a cause and name that orange ribbon month. I am thinking a cure for hiccups may be a good one. 0.00001% of all orange sales will go to this worthy cause. In lieu of market research I will hold an event six months prior to the release of my product to see what people will like or not like about it. Orange you glad you read this!

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Blogging on a Plane……

I have not had as much time as I would like to blog, but I really want to talk about where I am blogging from. Look up there, its a bird, its a plane….well it is a plane, and I am blogging on it! Wifi on a plane! It only cost $9.99 (but I got a free trail with a promo code I got on the ground). Its crazy to think of how many places we have technology! As my new job has been keeping me busy, I am really excited about this new school year. As I sit here and blog I think about how cool the world we live in is……..

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Classroom2day iPhone4 Griffin Case

Griffin Website-


Best Buy- Not on the site yet!

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